Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Curtis says, I told you so

Curtis feels vindicated today. Totally, completely vindicated, and he is telling me all about what a stupid human I am, and what an excellent smart hunter cat he is.

You need to understand the back story, so go here, and here. Short posts, photos of Curtis, so it isn't that big of a hardship. Here he is the other day, pining for the out of doors, wanting to hunt his mouse, or bunny. He knows it's out there, he knows that the doors lead out, and he's eager to help contribute to the household. It's just us stupid humans that don't let him out.

It's a beautiful warm sunny day here. Full summer, with a side of some ice hanging around, which is not totally out of the question here, even in August. We put Celina and Curtis on their harness and let them out in the back yard for a little while, supervised of course.

They both strolled around for a few minutes, but pretty soon there was this. He smelled something and was following it.

Spotted! There was a mouse (might have been a ground squirrel, hard to tell) in the space between the fence and the garden retaining wall. He followed it back and forth for a while, reaching down with his paw every now and then. I'm not sure where it ended up, but he eventually lost interest.

Some more random shots throughout their airing. Yes, the lawn is a mess. Much of this was a glacier a couple days ago.

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