Monday, July 31, 2017

That did not turn out as hoped

I had been thinking that being retired for now at least, I'd be able to start making some progress on the books I'm working on. There was a chunk of it with some character interaction I quite liked. Then I realized the timeline wasn't right. My first attempt to fix it didn't work. Sometimes that generates further ideas, but I stalled, and sat quietly in the warmth of the patio. I might have dozed off a little while.

The day started with a nice run and I was feeling perky about the prospects.

Now I'm editing some photos and beginning to think about the July Image of the Month. This is gonna be tough.

Remember we had guests last week, and one of them mentioned Curtis glaring at her? Same glare, only I'm the recipient this time.

I know this just kills you, but more lilies. The lily beetles have made a bit of a comeback, so I was out slaughtering them for a while.

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