Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lily bloom lifecycle in one photo, and something

Here's the something. Like usual, I have no idea what this plant is.

I can see it from my usual patio writing spot, and have been wondering about it for a while now. Like many flowers when you look at it, it brings to mind all sorts of thoughts. Which might or might not be a good thing when you're writing. Amazing how much some of them resemble the alien spaceships that we could see if only we could penetrate their cloaking devices. As an aside, we must have half the galaxy coming to look at the idiocy going on just south of here.

These buds or whatever look much the same today as they did on photo day about a week ago. The pink has faded a bit, and all the rest is darker. I've been waiting for it to blossom, but I'm wondering if that is going to happen. Maybe I missed the bloom. Or maybe it's saving it's energy. It has taken over the space under the back bay window, maybe now it's going to try to take over the rest of that bed. That darn Alberta Rose is giving all the other plants ideas.

Here's the promised lily shot. Tiny buds, big buds about to bloom, actual blooms, fading blooms. Love it.

And another lily for you. This looks like it should be a vertical shot, but I assure you, those buds are horizontal.

I worked on some abstracts for a while, but they just didn't come together the way I'd like.

On the fitness front I was in the pool for a short swim today, getting back into it. Then a bit later, before it got really hot, a run. 5K 33:10, feeling pretty good. Glad I don't have to wait for after work to run. That will be be brutal.

There was an elevator pitch. Then a more detailed explanation. Then some feminine wiles.  I am helpless. As one of the characters in Coupling says, "I haven't the skills!" I now have a Strava ID. Look for Keith Cartmell if you want more details about runs and bike rides.

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