Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I didn't have to race it after all

Calgary gets into a cycle about now. We get a bit of rain. Then a hot day so there's lots of moist warm air billowing around. Afternoon thunderstorms are common, adding to the moisture. Hot days make more afternoon thunderstorms. Just in time for Stampede. It's tradition.

They said there was a chance of more thunderstorms today. I was looking at the clouds on the way home, hoping for enough time to run. Just after I started I saw this, looking north and a bit west.

It looked darker than that, and seemed to be moving fast. I tried to move fast too, but I never really got in the groove. My plan was to stick close to home in case it did rain and hail and lightning and all.   Lets just say there was a bit of pressure. It ended up being 4.5 K in 29:15 for a 6:29/Km pace. That's a bit surprising.

Some kebabs went onto the BBQ straight away, as the sky was looking more and more ominous. We put the hanging plants and new pots in the garage. By the time we finished eating it was beginning to break up, and now it's a beautiful clear evening. We aren't going to take the plants out; then it would hail for sure. Calgarians can thank us later.

The run could have been much longer. Another 1.2 K would have been perfect. April was 99.6 K. May was 102.5 K. And now June is 108.8 K. I was hoping for 110 K, but I'll take it. This is as close to consistent running as I've ever been. I'm aiming for 120 K in July. Watch and see if I get there.

Monday was a water run with Katie and a blah swim. The run and the swim, that's it for workouts. So far. Lets see if I swim Thursday, and maybe bike or run Friday.

One more day at work, then a week of vacation. No real plans other than to hang out and relax and play with my new camera. I'm planning an expedition to Fish Creek, if anyone wants in. Then Stampede, which will be a short week as well. Then 6 more weeks and my contract is up.

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  1. What do you mean your contract is up? As in, you are not working anymore??? I want to run in Fish Creek so badly but I banged up my baby toe so badly last week that it still hurts today...I think I may have broke my toe. I will miss your week of vacaton; I'm on 5 weeks leave of absence the following week. Oh well.


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