Saturday, May 30, 2015

The naked and the furred

Not us, and not the cats. Now you're stumped, I can see it in your face. Hang in there and all will become clear.

That was quite the week. Again. Car troubles don't help, though we got a loaner Honda CRV. That was interesting because just that morning I'd been reading a review of it. This was was at least last year's model, maybe even 2013, but never mind. I was more impressed with it than I thought I'd be. The only obvious thing I didn't like is where the emergency brake is. I'm happy we have our own car back, and hope it lasts many years yet.

Let's see. Swam Wednesday, 2K, slowly. My inner shark turned out to be a basking shark eager to work on his tan. The first 750 m were slow slow and clunky. Or maybe clunky, wonky, and slow. Whatever. Then the next K was good, and it fell apart big time the last 250 K. Suddenly it was taking 3 whole more strokes to get 25 m. I'd totally lost the water feel.

The week I've been dragging my ass, feeling tired and run down. I'm going to bed in good time, just not sleeping well. Bailed on Friday's swim. No running this week, dealing with the car and other issues, till Saturday. Michelle and I had a nice easy chatchatchat run in Fish Creek. Just 4.5 K, slow and easy to help her settle out for the race tomorrow, and me to get my legs moving again. We need to get serious about our plans for the Calgary 70.3. At least once we want to ride the bike course.

The garden is coming along very nicely. These are some baskets for hanging soon.

The back garden is full of plants coming up.

These are mostly lilies in the big pots, and the rest are things Linda is growing from seed. Something or other. Plants. You know.

This is cat supervision, that's what it is.

Today I was cleaning out the lodge, shaking out the reindeer skins, and wiping things down in prep for guests. It was remarkably clean considering it isn't sealed up over winter. Here's the naked lodge.

Here it is with the reindeer fur wrapped around the cushions.

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