Sunday, May 24, 2015

Flinging herbs in every direction

No, my middle name is not Herb.

What amazing long weekend! This is summer in Calgary. It has to be enjoyed while it is here. I'm so glad I took Friday off work.

Yesterday, after the bike ride and a productive afternoon writing in the office patio, I ate two bison burgers. Yes, two. Plus a Yum bakery tart dessert. Plus wine of course. This is what is left of that tart today, with strawberries added, just because.

I had thought about going to the pool this morning, but my hams were talking to me, and I slept in past the time of going to the pool. That let me join the twitter #coffeechat, and got a bunch of new followers on the basis of this tweet.

This programming temporarily interrupted by recreational cat vomiting. Do not adjust your browser.

We had a lovely breakfast on the patio, with more coffee. If any of the coffeechat people read my blog, I ordered the Deathwish coffee. I will tell you about it after it arrives. If any of the locals want to try it, let me know. Perhaps a morning coffee party is a do-able thing.

I did some puttering around the patio, building up the division between the patio and the walkway between the houses so water can't run that way. Then raking the little bit of lawn in the back. And raking and thatching and trimming and raking and thatching and cutting and raking. For a tiny little patch of lawn it produces a lot of grass.

Then the first installment of eating. Here I am, ready to BBQ, only without a glass of wine in hand. Nearby, I assure you.

BBQ salmon with fresh dill, green onion, lemon juice, maple syrup, alder smoked salt, and butter for a glaze/sauce. Huge shrimp in a citrus ginger blend with herbs, lime juice, and a dash of orange juice and a bit of butter for the sauce. A salad with a ton of different herbs and fruit, and other veggies, with a cranraison dressing.

I was too busy drooling and eating to take a photo of the seafood.  Even this photo was taken later, as we finished off the salad. It was lovely sitting out on the patio, drinking wine, enjoying the day. But you knew that, didn't you.

During coffeechat there was discussion of using coffee as a rub for meat, and Linda got all excited. There is chicken marinating, probably for tomorrow night. Other stuff got added after I took this photo. I'll be sure to tell you how it turns out.

I am feeling better about the white. After refusing to settle for so long, it's now doing well. I'll probably bottle it next weekend. Compare this to the photo in this blog, a week ago. Racked and stabilized the Super Tuscan.

Linda worked hard on the garden all afternoon. There will be photos of that anon. Patience.

Best photo of Curtis ever! I think the blue fabric really sets off his fur and eyes.

So he doesn't feel left out, here is one of Celina, doing her river otter impression.

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  1. That is an awesome tweet. I was around for #coffeechat but just trying to get ready to head out for Sunday morning group run. I was so tempted to check out the #coffeechat. If I had known you'd be there...I'd run later!!

    I am very curious about the Deathwish coffee, though not ready to try anything yet, seeing as I still have kicking horse med roast still, a month later. So, if you do not mind me joining your coffee party whenever it happens...please?

    All your pics are fantastic. I particularly like your shark apron. And is Celina in a harness and leash???


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