Friday, December 19, 2014

So, still, several things

I am still open mouthed with astonishment at the recent events in Alberta politics. I listened to Ms. Smith do an interview last night, and words fail me to describe what I think. How on earth can anyone ever trust anything she ever says again? If she told me that was a pretty sunrise (see below), I'd check both a watch and a compass. I think that she has destroyed both her own reputation, and Mr. Prentice has badly sullied his own by taken on the defectors. Naked power ambition all round. The recall effort underway will come to nothing. We are going to have to wait till the next election to turn them all out. If you're an Albertan, I strongly recommend you google the Alberta Party.

I am still hobbling around a bit, not running. There was some pretty amazing pain in yoga class. Not screaming out loud pain, but an 'oh my goodness that hurts much more than it should and I don't think I'll even think about doing that anymore.' I couldn't even do savasana.

I am still considering getting back on the bike trainer.

I am still unshopped for Christmas. Anniversary, yes. Christmas no. Maybe today after work. But there's still almost a whole week!

I am still making progress swimming! Yay me! Tuesday was 1.5 Km in 28:10 or so. The first K was 18: 45 nice and relaxed, and I struggled a bit with the last 500 m. On Thursday I was trying the CSS thing again, doing 100 m in 1:50 on 2 minutes. I was aiming for 20 of them, and did 25. Or maybe it was 26. I got my count all tangled up. You'd think it would be easy to remember if you've swum 50 or 100 in a set, but no, a couple times I had to look at the clock and think about it.

I am still working on my book, when my lap isn't overrun with cats.

There are still pretty sunrises. This is from Talisman after the Tuesday swim.

What are you still up to?

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