Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It wasn't a fluke!

Me and my inner shark grooved today! Another 1000m, 18:20. Yay me! Gotta love consistency. Did some intervals after. Those are getting better too.

Day 2 core streak, done!
Day 3 core streak, done!

The roads here still aren't all that good. The major ones are damp. The side streets are still a sloppy enchilada. While it was cold last weekend and the roads were slick hard packed snow and ice, people drove sensibly.

Now I think Christmas madness has taken hold. On the way home today a pickup with a flat bed trailer was trying to cut into traffic, namely on top of me. Eventually he cut off the guy behind me by bullying his way into the lane. I thought he was going to take the paint off my bumper. Then right onto Heritage, and he was all about trying to get around me, either side. Then he zoomed down Heritage Drive weaving in and out, and more of the same south on 14th. In rush hour traffic. I don't know what he thought it got him. He was only a couple cars ahead on 90th Ave.

Then again coming home from yoga, some guy on Anderson thinking it's a continuation of Deerfoot or something. And then again, in our neighborhood, passing me like I'm standing still, and I'm doing 50 in a 50 zone.

The news is full of collisions. Demonstrations of driver incompetence, as I think of it. Yes, it's a stressful time of year. Yes, most people have errands they want to get done. But a collision just makes things worse for all involved.

So one of the characters in my book finally told me her last name. I really hadn't known it till earlier today. I love it when my characters tell me stuff. I've now read all 3 books in reasonably the right order, and I can see lots of things to change. That first one I wrote needs lots of work. There are all sorts of scenes, some interesting, some less so, but now that I know where the story goes, and who does what to whom, and about when, I need to go back and make it all hang together. Lots to rewrite. I hope Curtis is still talking to me when it's all done.

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