Saturday, April 12, 2014

TV, before and after

Did I mention the plasma TV had died after more than 11 years?

But first there was a cat. It's spring, so Curtis is shedding. This was just a few strokes with the comb, after I had combed him yesterday.

Celina, of course, with her plush coat doesn't shed as much.

So here's the before, of the old plasma. And some clutter.

Here's the during, working on the wiring. It worked out fairly well, though I wish I'd got a 2 m HDMI cable instead of 6 feet. The power cable is barely long enough. I guess that's one way of saving money.

And the after. I've got the DVD player going, easy peasy. Internet connection was just as easy. I even managed to link the iPad to the TV and can at least partially control the TV that way. Isn't technology nice sometimes.

In the best stroke of luck I've had in years, I managed to reuse the rack to mount it on the wall. The machine screws that go in this TV are different than the ones in the old, but believe it or not, I found the right size in the mess that is my workshop downstairs. No washers though, I still had to go out and get those. Let's not talk about running the gauntlet of the Walmart parking lot. Better than buying the machine screws. It all mounted on the wall very nicely. We still have an old VCR though that we haven't used in many years. If you want it, just leave a comment. I can't see us playing any of the VCR's we have, since we have them on DVD.

So far the picture quality is what I had hoped for, for some of the movies. I guess DVD's come in varying levels of information quality. The 5th Element looks amazing. El Mariachi, not so much. I've been skipping through some of the other DVD's as well, but I can't stay up late. I have a run first thing in the morning.

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