Friday, April 18, 2014

The evil lurking in the heart of bathroom fans

So it's Friday afternoon. Where did the week go?

Wed was a strong yoga class. I loved it, but it went by too fast. I was just getting into a pose, and the class would be moving on. I didn't swim in the morning.

Thursday I swam. I was in the mood. 1K, 19:30 or so. Then water ran another 20 minutes. The pool was peaceful and quiet. Unlike the bathroom fan.

Thursday we signed the deal for back yard landscaping. It needs it. Our neighbor will be both happy (since he's been bugging us about it for years, none of his business that it is), and unhappy, since we're going to rip down the fence that is just on our side of the property line. The 30 year old fence thats leaning over and going rotten, that he thinks is fine because it will probably last his lifetime. They will take off his gate and reinstall it. He is a yard neat freak, so the slightest thing happening to his yard is liable to set his wife off. I may learn more Cantonese swear words. Here, see for yourself, now that most of the snow is gone.

Stretching in the evening.

Katie had tried to talk me into a 5 or 10 K swim for this morning, but no way I'm up for that. I was thinking about running, even with the light snow happening this morning. Then I went outside into the dank, damp, humid, muggy, cold bleah. So I didn't run, but did get on my bike for a nice mostly easy spin to get the legs going, then a nice stretch and core session.

I wanted to putter about today and get some stuff done around the house. First was some retail therapy, though it turns out that 1.5 inch belt might not fit through the belt loops of the black pants I wear most often. The sleeve for the laptop is tempting me, as do a few other things at Saddleback leather.

The fan. Yes, I know, you're burning to know about the rattly fan. It's been bugging me for a while and today was the day. I got it out of the cage and recoiled in horror. This is the clean side.

There were radial guck icicles on the downstream side. I had though it was rattling because the guck had unbalanced it, then I realized the fan itself was out of round and rubbing against the housing. The internet said there were some of the same at a nearby store so I went out, only to find out I had been lied to. Sigh.

I didn't get any of the others because I wasn't sure if they would fit, and they wouldn't have. But the guy at one store said you could often pull the fan along the spindle a bit, and that should stop the rubbing. While the guck wouldn't just vacuum off, it's not stuck on very well, and a little screwdriver is the perfect tool to loosen it so the vacuum does work. Now it hums silently, and I think I've earned by glass of wine for the day.

Next yucky thing is the BBQ spring cleaning...

Plus on the way home it started to snow. Really snow, as in restricting visibility. An hour later and it's starting to build up on the road. We have breakfast plans for tomorrow, so we might have to leave a few minutes early.

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