Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Exciting times

We've been busy. Domesticating a new TV and various input devices. New furniture.

Starting with a lovely swim yesterday. I had a 50 m lane to myself. 500 m swim, then another 500 m trying out the new fins alternating with pull. These ones do not float, not even close. Now I need to remember to pick up a pull buoy on the way to the pool. Then 200 m hand paddles. 100 hard! 100 slow swim then 100 backstroke. The water felt lovely.

To Apple to get the little TV box. I hadn't fully realized just how tiny they were. Costco for another set of HDMI cables. Source for digital optical cable. Lunch. Installation. I am not a fan of the little Apple remote for doing passwords, and there was a bit of cursing involved. Then some fiddling around to get airplay happening on the iPad. I'm still not sure I've got everything there is to have there. But it works! In the evening I did some stretching before bed.

My legs and back felt great! Then a day of sitting at work, and my hams and back feel terrible. I might have to talk to them about a different chair.

Then we got a new love seat sofa delivered. I don't think the 3 guys have done this much. I, on the other hand, as a feckless youth spent some time working for a moving company. I knew it would go, and how to do it, but they took a while to figure it out.

Who knew that those little felt pads lose their stick after a long while? I thought so. I certainly hadn't, meaning a trip out to get some. There are 6 more boxes of stuff, but not tonight.

Yesterday was so nice. It's clear that Celina thought so too. Under that languid supervisory eye, I felt no need to do yard work.


  1. You've been busy - are we going to get pics of the new furniture? Are the love seats for the new home theatre? I don't understand when a TV is bought why all the cables aren't there...but then again, I don't understand when you buy a new car you have to purchase floor mats or mud guards either!

    1. There some pics, and there will be more. Probably Thursday. Just one love seat the folds out to a sofa bed, very heavy! The cable thing is annoying, but look at it from the manufacturer point of view. How long a cable to provide is actually a difficult question. Depending on the system there might be other cables required, and who knows what someone will try to plug something into. There's quite the industry around supplying various converter cords.


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