Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm excited!

The bib list for Ironman Canada is out. Just reading the list looking for the names of my buddies got me remembering looking for my own name on the list 2 years ago. (How time flies!) Here's the list of people I'lll be cheering on, either because I know them personally, or because one of them that I don't know personally impresses the snot right out of me. Hint, she does not look even close to her age.

In bib number order:
510 Dan Burridge
515 Darryl Penner
 523 Justin Williams
1449 Chuck Keller
1574 Mike Bock
1591 Gord Clayholt
1800 Chris Lough
2157 Leana Keto
2296 Heather Myers
2305 Julie Anderson
2666 Tessa P
2672 Kelly Rathje
2680 Rose Serpico
2918 Cheryl Oga
2978 Madonna Buder

Did I miss anyone? That print is teeny tiny, and there is essentially no way to sort or filter it in any meaningful way short of copying it to xl. If I know you, and you're doing Ironman, let me know your bib number and I'll add you to the cheer list. I wish all of you well, and hope with all my heart you have a great day out there.

It's probably a good thing I'm not going out to cheer in person. I might get carried away and camp out for that Monday morning signup. Which would probably not be the smartest thing in the world given my work schedule over the next year or so, and my current (pitiful) state of conditioning.

In other news I was in the pool for 40 minutes this morning. The swim is getting smoother. Under 10 minutes for the 500 m warmup in the 50 m pool. Lots and lots of dolphin and pull.

Later tonight I'll go down and do some core.

I thought for sure I'd get some comments about those butter tarts. So maybe next week I'll go get some, and video myself eating them. Slowly. While drinking that excellent Guatemalan coffee. And then I'll post it a week before Ironman or something, right at the height of taper madness.


  1. Oh wow, I had checked earlier today and they weren't there. Thanks for the retrieve and the best wishes. It really means a lot to me and I'm sure the others too! It never gets easier, but I guess that's the special part about Ironman eh, it's never a gift. Always gotta get out there and earn it, no matter what the place or finishing time.

  2. Cam Dawes (from Golden), this guy is a Rockstar this will be #23!!. Oh and the number #912

  3. Oh boy...hard to believe it is *NEXT* weekend!!! Thanks for cheering me on Keith!

  4. Thanks Dan, you are added to the list!

  5. Hard to be believe it's been two years. You'll just have to imagine the cowbell. It's blue.

  6. I think I lucked out. Someone mentioned it on twitter and there it was. I've found that talking about IM to someone who has done it, as opposed to someone who hasn't, is a vastly different experience.


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