Tuesday, August 28, 2012

followup from yesterday

Boy did Youtube ever piss me off last night. It didn't like the movie file of the fireworks I was trying to upload, and got all pissy with me. The Vimeo upload is working quite well as I type these very words thank you very much. Any luck by the time I get there I'll have video to embed. Well, that is taking longer than I thought. Not sure if I want to ante up for the plus service.

I was wondering why the video was so clear and why the photos mostly sucked. One of the guys at work suspects that the focus on the video has a chance to lock in and stay there, where with the photos it probably focused on infinity, and by the time it sees the fireworks it's too late. This is about the best of the photos.

Here's the video, about 4 minutes worth of the finale, done to live music, including singers, an orchestra, and bagpipes. I think my basic account doesn't do embedding, so there is just this link.

There was also a photo I took only because it amused me, and I've had a bit of a thing going with window washers.

I was feeling a bit creaky, but feeling very self satisfied I'd had the wit to arrange another massage only a week from the last one. I used the car2go to get from the office to her house, left it there, and Linda came to get me. When I looked at the website a little later, that car had been picked up and taken somewhere else. This is a neat service. Even if the turn by turn driving instructions would have had me turning right onto 9th Ave (NOT!) and taking the scenic route in one particular place. Not sure if I like the turn by turn instruction. At one point it got in the way of something I was listening to on the radio.

The massage was very good. Darryl, unless you find someone as good (good luck with that buddy!) you might want to reconsider. It isn't THAT far. And she gushed about how you did at IMC. The 90 minutes was great.

Oh, and I was in the pool this morning, but no water feel at all. None. So it was a bit slow and thrashy.

I realized today that my running shoes were bought last October, so they are more than 10 months old now. No idea how many K on them, but there are 2 half marathons. No wonder my feet were feeling a little tired and I got a blister on my little toe on Sunday! That's the first blister ever in these shoes. So this weekend I'm up for shoe shopping! (There, I've just given most of my readership a bit of an adrenaline rush.)

In other news I'm starting my list of things to do on the long weekend. We've scoped out plan tix, and we might be going away after Christmas. Still need to get plans flanged up, make sure the people we would like to visit, who have been very insistent we come to visit, actually, in the nicest way possible, will for sure be there. There's a bit of money math to do. Oh, not the plane tickets. It's buying the Vita-Mix after that has me worried.

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