Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trying to make it longer

After wading through the crowds to get home I was really looking forward to a run. My goals were to continue with the quicker turnover, but also try to increase my stride length. After a short stretching session, and warm up run, I started off for 5 K. Planned to be brisk, aiming for mid zone 3, alternating between my regular pace and trying to lengthen my stride. That all went pretty well, going for 30:30, with my breathing mostly under control.

The run felt pretty good, especially considering it was hot out, probably 27 or so. Which is really hot for me. I was pouring sweat, and my face was pretty red when I got back.

Shannon nailed it, the photo was of the case for my iPad. Bamboo for the back and sides, with a leather cover in the front. It is much easier to hold the iPad in one hand now, since there is an edge for your thumbs to get a grip on. The little bit of extra weight doesnt matter. I find a naked iPad is really hard to hold onto. The more I use it, the more I love it. My latest app is a remote control for iTunes on the main computer. The one I've been playing with most is the time lapse video one. And Zite. And Friendly. And...


  1. My new favorite Ap is HBO-GO, which I know you can't get, but be thankful. It is an enormous time-suck and has kept me awake too many nights in a row now.

    I also downloaded a couple of media-transfer aps so that I can more easily transfer photos and video that I take on my iPhone to my iPad.

  2. Only reason I guess it Keith is b/c I have an iPad at work for testing comes with default black folder which is shaped similar to your fancy-dancy one!


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