Friday, July 15, 2011

Survived Stampede

Four up, four down. Three breakfasts and one BBQ. My Stampede is over and my feet are thanking me. The boots fit pretty good, but I think the combination of the hard run earlier this week, together with the boots, was not optimal for recovery. Lots of weird feeling muscles in my legs. I'm not sure if it's just walking on a heel, walking on a sole that has no give at all, or running faster than I have for many many years.

Overall my diet wasn't even too bad. In fact, considering how bad it could have been, it's positively excellent. Those with weak stomachs might want to skip to the next paragraph. The burgers down at the grounds are traditionally called gut bombs, and for good reason. This year the treat of choice was to take a maple glazed doughnut, one just like you'd find at Tim's or any other doughnut shop. Slice it in half like a bun, then treat it like a burger bun. Toast it a bit, plop the "burger" in the middle, add fixings, and chow down. Bonus points for keeping it down.

Tonight I did a bit of stretching and headed out into a beautiful evening for a run. Started easy, trying to keep up the cadence. At first it was a bit rocky. My left leg in particular was not enthused. New sets of muscles were sore and tired, mostly up and around the hip.

Once I warmed up, I stretched out my stride a few times and ran faster, but not really pushing it. Mainly I was trying different stride length to see what my legs would think. Ran 45 minutes, mostly feeling ok, but my legs not being totally sure about the whole darned thing. My lungs weren't quite with the game either. They were working harder for the effort and heart rate than I would have expected.

Once I got back I stretched a little bit, and BBQ some chicken for Linda. Me too, of course. Going to bed early, there's a big weekend coming up.

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