Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Totally twisted yoga

Yeah, I know you are all wanting to know about the "drop and give me 20" yoga class, but too bad. Only two people are going to get the joke.

Once again the wonder yoga instructor Fiona knew what I needed. Lots and lots and LOTS of twists, complete with little thing ball. It was great. Even better, no goober-breath, though his wife showed up.

How many of you do yoga regularly?
As part of a class, or on your own?
Which pose is your happy place, and your unhappy place?

I'll surprise and shock you all by saying child pose is torture.


  1. Child pose is torture for me too! As is downward dog and pretty much all of them. I like corpse pose - that is my happy place. I could hold it all day ;)

  2. Haha. I have to agree with Jen. Savasana all the way!

  3. LOL... I only do yoga at home. I suspect I don't do any of the poses correctly (with the possible exception of corpse pose. I do think I have that one down). I think I should take a class.

    I have a friend who does Bikram. He LOVES it.


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