Tuesday, June 28, 2011

T Rex, caught on video in full tar pit struggle

However, I will leave it to your imagination. The reality of knowing I'm running almost in the retaste zone, and looking like I'm in slow motion is a little disheartening. Oh all right, one image Katie caught was totally by accident, since the whole video clip is only a few seconds long.

There, you see?

We've been trying to get this organized for a little while. I seriously believe that in addition to having barely any cardio fitness at all, I do not have good form when running. I feel very heavy on my feet, and the video shows it. Gawd. My thinking is that if I ran better, I'd run faster, given the same effort level. So what with one thing or another, it finally worked out for tonight.

I rode my hybrid bike about a half hour up to the Glenmore track, only to find that it was occupied by eye candy of both genders. Wow. So we moved off to the side, out of the way, and disturbed a whole lot of mosquitoes. I'm glad I brought bug spray.

I warmed up a bit, then she made me run faster, then faster again. Then some other stuff. Then the other direction. Then some accelerations. There's video of one, the last one, and you can't really tell I'm running faster and faster. It FELT like it, and my lungs thought so, but it sure doesn't look that way. It's really clear that I'm very stiff in my shoulders and hips. No, I'm not going to post the video. Any of them. Are you kidding? If you want to see it that badly, you'll have to drop by, with cookies.

She had lots of things for me to think about when running. I hope I remember them all. We watched some of the kids running on the track, looking at strides, and arms. Just amazing. One guy his heels come up almost to his butt every step, and each step is like 8 feet long. Overall it was about an hour of running, or recovering from running. This is about as hard and fast as I've ever run, and it's certainly harder than I would have ever pushed myself. I didn't puke.

Then I rode home nice and easy, another half hour. Blogged. Now I have some work reading to do.


  1. I think it's great that you're working on form. I know that when I started to work on this, running became easier and I got a little bit faster...it takes time though. Be patient!

  2. I actually watch videos of Anton Krupicka on youtube to try and improve my form. I just watch him, take notes, and try and put it into practice when I'm out.


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