Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Estela up and over 75 Kph for the first time since IMC

Well, good things happened today. My training course was shortened up so now I can do the 5K United Way lunch time run after all, and go to a team social meeting later in the afternoon. The only downside to the run is that the shirt isn't what you'd call an optimal fit. Short and wide seems to describe it best. In the elevator after picking up the shirts several people were discussing what to wear under it. There are going to be a lot of people out in front of the Y at lunchtime, and then we're going to take over the path!

Until that was on, I had been planning a run tonight. It's beautiful out. So I rode down Road to Nepal instead. People that have been reading me for a while, or have been biking in south west Calgary know what I'm talking about. For my new readers, this is a very hilly ride with new pavement a couple of years ago. From my house down to the bottom of the road and back is 52K. Like I said, it's very hilly, as in no level spots at all, and it's a totally awesome ride. The views from the top of the hills are amazing on average days, and stunning on some days. There's very little traffic. Some days there's more bikes than cars.

I have this theory that I really can't be going much faster downhill. I need to improve on the flats, and I need to get stronger going up hills. The wind resistance equations say that an extra 10% effort will be far less effective over 40 Kph because you're mostly pushing air out of the way. But that 10% could significantly reduce the time spent going up hill. So I'm working on that, and RtN is the place for that.

Today I was still mindful of my knee, not wanting to push it too hard, but I was working it going up the hills, and what do you know? My lungs crapped out first, while my legs were willing to keep going. Several of the hills I was in harder gears than I remember being in, or staying on the big ring longer. I was planning for a 2 hour ride. I was not terribly hopeful I'd get all the way to the bottom, but I did get most of the way there, and had a GREAT time doing it. Did I say something about a beautiful evening for a ride?

Even though I wasn't pushing it on the downhills I still got up and over 75 Kph (46.6 mph). Last time I did that I was dodging bikes, cars, and trucks on the backside of Richter's Pass. Today was just me. Loving it!

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  1. It was a great night for many things!! Sounds like the perfect bike ride. One day I will do that route.


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