Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back in the swim

But only the swim. And an easy swim at that. Well, except for the short walks. But nothing else. Well, eating cookies and other good recovery nutrition. Oh, let's not forget the stretching in the hot tub. That was good.

Only swam 20 minutes, just to stretch out my arms, try to retain the feel of the water. Thinking lots about the catch because it wasn't working worth beans. But that's ok, the first one back is always the worst one. Even did a little bit of drill.

The important part of the swim was chatting with my buddy Deb. She did IMC last year, and we've shared several races. One of these days I'll be able to keep up with her. Also chatted with the guy sharing the lane. I noticed he picked up the pace considerably once I joined him.

Met up with Neil last night. Funny that two guys living in South Calgary meet via a guy neither of us have met that happens to live in New Jersey. Thanks Tom! Lots of fun to chat with him. Neil that is, though if Tom dropped by I'd buy him a beer at one of the local microbreweries. Even if he (Neil) didn't blog the photo he took of the two hotties in front of me in the line at Tim Hortons, using the excuse it was a photo of me.


  1. People named Tom are all dicks.


  2. Plus? They're Hairy.


    Does the old American "Tom, Dick and Harry" saw translate for you Kanadians?


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