Sunday, February 22, 2009

The roller thingie is sooo gooood

The bike was good. Made up my energy drink in advance so I could refrigerate it, and put a banana in my bento box.
Warmed up.
5 x one leg drill set.
5 min easy
5 min 15/15
5 min easy
8 x 7/3 aerobic
5 min cool down. 2.25 hours altogether

4 min transition.

30 min run, nice and easy, almost exactly 4 K. Nice day for a run, but a cold brisk wind out of the east made things a little cool. Footing is a bit tricky with all the ice and snow in the process of melting.

Afterward stretched, and tried out the new roller thingie Linda got. Did my calves, hams, quads, and a bit of the hip flexors and IT band. It's so good, rollering it back and forth. I wish I'd bought it a long time ago.

Weekly totals
Swim 3.25 hr
Bike 6.83 hr
Run 4 hr
Total 14 hrs


  1. The roller - such a good its bad!!!

  2. Nice work on the weekly totals...we are going to have call you Katie #2 in terms of the insane training time you guys are putting in!

  3. you are insane. the roller thingy = severe pain in the IT band area!!!

    nice training times though, haha.

  4. I need to try that roller thingie. I've sat on one of my spiky dryer balls...



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