Saturday, February 21, 2009

45's. And the slacker sock showed up.

Everything was 45 today. I turned yesterday into my rest day. I got out of bed, and didn't even think about going swimming. I hadn't slept well. I was still worked up from the super heavy duty workout and was thinking about some personal stuff. When I actually got up I felt tired, mentally and physically. So I rested.

Today was better. Swam at Canyon meadows for 45 minutes before it turned into a total zoo. I woke up just a bit too late to go to Glenmore, but that's the last time I make that mistake. Did some drill, golfs 85 and 86. Did 4 x 100 on the 2:15. The first three were right on 100 seconds though things were falling apart at the end. The last one was a bit of a shambles. I got a breath of water and that turned it into 115 seconds.

Shared the lane very nicely with another lady that swam only slightly slower than me. Both of us did some drill, and she did a bit of breast stroke but it all worked out well. Then a really slow lady joined us, but the two of us ran her off real quick. Both of us touched her feet because we lapped her that fast, and she was smart enough to move to the other lane.

I got a new number, 225!

Later went for a easy 45 minute run around the neighbourhood. Nice and easy, I doubt my heart rate was ever out of zone two. The run felt good, trying for smooth and gentle. Did lots of stretching after.

Linda found a package that has a roller, and a half roller, and a stretchy band. The dvd shows some exercises. I watched that during my 45 minute easy spin, then tried some after. Oh my goodness, my IT band and hip flexors can sure feel it! I'll have to do that more.

Linda was ironing sheets while I rode, and she discovered one of my socks tucked into the corner of a fitted sheet. Ever since I bought the socks, more than a year ago, I've always had an odd number of socks. Since about the day after I bought them. One has been AWOL all this time. The other socks are happy to see it show up and take it's share of foot time.

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  1. Linda irons your sheets? People still do that? Wow!! I remember my grandma ironed towels, sheets, pillow cases...


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