Monday, September 14, 2020

We return to normal blog operations

 Or whatever qualifies as normal for this erratic but amiable blog, that is. The enclosure arrived before noon as promised. Which prompts a brief digression about the chain of events stemming from a RAID drive that stopped working abruptly, to taking it to iCube for data recovery (I highly recommend them!), their advice to buy a new enclosure, trying to order from the same supplier as before but being denied, doing it via Amazon, and the delivery chain from a warehouse to my door. It's an amazing thing, really.

Everything went well. The computer can see the drive, Lightroom can find and read it's files, so life is good. First thing is to get another backup done. I'm not quite ready to get cloud based backup for a fee yet, but there will be some procedural updates here. No, I didn't take photos of the install procedure, my hands were sweating too much to hold a camera. Kidding!

We are slowly transitioning towards autumn here. The trees are beginning to do the colour changes they do here. The days are cooler and shorter. Linda has already covered the plants for a couple nights, just in case. The roses are still going strong, as are a few other things, but we are past peak display for the season. Never fear, flowers will continue to appear on here for a while. There are many.

Right now, or I guess a week ago, this geranium was about the brightest thing in the garden.

Some of the lilies are still doing their thing.

A recent abstract, to finish things off for the day.

Of the Day
Curtis didn't care about my hard drive troubles.


White Peony

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