Sunday, September 13, 2020

Good, good, and random

The Good of the weekend was an event photoshoot. It's been a long time. Our community association held an outdoor family fair this weekend. I love photographing them. Trying to get good shots of active kids sharpens my anticipation, and looking for good adult shots makes me think about portraits differently. Plus, my favourite brass band was there playing for us. I did a photo shoot for them a while back. They were rehearsing, and didn't minding "do that again please, but stand a little to the left and raise your instrument a bit more." The weekend was a performance, and a good time was had by all, and I got some nice photos of them, but it wasn't a photo shoot for them.

The other good is that Fedex says my hard drive enclosure is arriving Monday. Which is also a big work day. I hope both are uneventful. 

And the random. I'm just going to go through the USB drive and pick a file number, and you get whatever photos have that file number.


  1. Well that is fun. Thought bubble for Linda: "If I cut the fish in half, will there be enough for supper?" Cheers, Sean

  2. Hi Linda! It must have been so nice to hear some live music. I miss playing. Once the boys are a bit more settled into school I'll pick it up again.


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