Friday, July 19, 2019

A quickie because a smidge under 7000

July is just over half done, and I've shot 6970 photos so far. Just for comparison on a per day basis, that is twice as many per day taken during the New Zealand trip. This is not setting up the camera and letting it do all the work taking star shots or a time lapse. No, this is me shooting action, every shot is different. Some of them are amazing.

Almost half of that was shot yesterday. Remember what Neil says? If you want to take better photos, you have to put yourself in the path of interesting greatness. And my goodness is this path interesting!

Here's a pano of a place to put yourself in the path of interesting greatness.

This is the outlier photo from Red Rocks. Not a rock. Not a landscape. Not a cloudscape. Not a flower. Not Sean. But interesting.

And now I'm off for another busy photo day!

Rock of the Day
And there we have a wrap on the Red Rocks Coulee rocks. Hope you enjoyed it. I'll see if there are some other interesting rocks to share with you. Stay tuned!

Driftwood of the Day
One of the beaches on the Mahia Peninsula. I was in driftwood heaven!

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