Monday, April 16, 2018

Macro Monday 26, should've been 25

Part of the challenge, and fun, of photography is to come up with ideas and go hunt for the corresponding photo. A blog is always looking for ideas, and ways to tie things together. So for instance, it's snowing really hard out today. We've had several cm of snow already. (Sigh, and more expletives deleted.)

I didn't have to go anywhere, and I didn't. There I was, busy with a coffee, a cat, and a laptop, when I had a sudden idea for Macro Monday 25. The idea will become obvious shortly. However, once I edited the photos and looked at my blog it turns out that 25 was a few weeks ago. No tie in to 25 at all, unlike what today's blog would have done.

A quarter is 23.88 mm in diameter, or just a hair under an inch for those who think that way. It's made almost entirely of steel, with a bit of copper and nickel, and yet it's all scratched up. I like the texture it gives the photos.

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