Sunday, November 5, 2017

Missed my own bloggy-versary

How could that happen? Ten years is a long time in the blog universe. Just a few days and 10 years ago I started this fitness blog. Oct 27, 2007. 2530 or so blog posts later, one every 1.44 days on average, here we are. Much has changed.

We won't get into how much I've changed, other than saying I'm way, WAY more healthy now.

The blog started as a way for my fitness coach to keep track of what I was doing. One of his other clients was already a friend, and several others have become good friends. Some of the readers that started with me way back then are still reading, at least some of the time. (Hello!) Some have drifted off to other activities and don't do triathlon anymore.

Lots don't blog anymore. Blogging doesn't seem to be as popular, both reading and writing, OR commenting, as it once was. Maybe they've migrated to Facebook or other platforms, but those other platforms piss me off, what with fickle article ordering and (gag) advertising. My readership has stayed fairly constant, maybe slowly growing over the years. I've gained some readers and lost others.

I enjoy writing it. I figure if you didn't enjoy reading it for whatever reason, you wouldn't be here. Thank you for coming. Essentially, I plan to keep on writing it. What you have seen is what you will continue to get. A bit of fitness, lots of photos of various things, some wine, a bit of news, a rant every now and then, but no dancing girls or click bait. This is a quality blog.

To celebrate here's one of the first photos with the good camera that I really liked. I can do better now.

And more blog fitness related, one of the very first photos to go on the blog, my bike Estela. She is just coming up on 10 years as well, and has been a great bike for me. Pity I'm not out on her more often this summer, but maybe next. I am being encouraged to do an Oly next year, perhaps Chinook. I haven't had such good luck with their half, maybe the Oly will be the trick.

Oh, and don't bother going back to the beginning and reading the first posts. They're pretty dreadful.

Now it's your turn. Who are you? Leave a comment, or or a Facebook reply if that's where you saw the link. I'd love to know what you like about the blog, or what makes you cringe.


  1. The first thing that intrigued me was the title, it's very clever. I feel like in a way we are opposites but have enough similarities. I am married with a 13 year old son and I live in San Diego. So I enjoy your change of seasons, your rants, your relaxed mornings, your retirement(!), your kms and C's. You have a new viewpoint on things. And best of all, you write just because you like to, you aren't trying to sell me anything. Thank you!

  2. Happy Bloggy-versary! And I agree with Jackie - I like your blog because you're not trying to sell things- other than the occasional photo, of course. :-) I also like it that you and I share quite a few interests, that you bop from one topic to another (my mind tends to work the same way), and that you so often offer fresh perspectives. You're right that blogging's not as popular as it once was - or at least, blogging for its own sake, instead of as a marketing tool. However, since the world could certainly benefit from more thoughtful reflection like yours, I'm glad you plan to stick with it. Congrats on 10 years!!

  3. Belated Happy Bloggy-versary. I salute you for your commitment. I enjoy your rants, and your journeys. One nice thing about blogs being old school is you only get the people who care about your content. If you continue to take the time to write, I will continue to take the time to read. Congratultions, and I look forward to more of your mental and visual meanders. Cheers.


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