Friday, July 7, 2017

The heat

This is as hot as Calgary gets. It's about 30 C at the heat of the day. Yes, I know some places that counts as a nice warm day, good for doing something active. But here, it's hot. I'm not doing much, trying to stay cool.

Yes, there's been a photo or two along the way. I got a great compliment from someone I've just sold 4 images to. "Damn you! You've got to stop posting photos I want to buy!"

The night skies are probably pretty good for shooting right now, except for the big nearly full moon in the middle of it, but the rest of the day mostly sucks. There is no golden hour or blue hour. There's twilight, then bang, you need sunglass. Big time. Then the air conditioning goes on.

I had a bit of a rant going about road construction, but it melted in the heat and then drowned in a glass of wine. Maybe it will come back, re-inspired by the ongoing digging.

Yes, I'm glad I didn't have to go into the office this week. Yes, I'm enjoying myself.

The hens and chicks armoured stalk is still developing, so I took a closer look.

Lots of lilies. Even though I know you guys are sick of them.

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