Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A train and boat/ship

Actually it's a boat. I checked, and there are rules about such things. This boat.

And this train. An actual functional steam engine train.

And Linda in both of them, you can figure out which is which.

Such a lovely day at Heritage Park. Last time I was there, I was working for Talisman, so it's been a while. Linda has a pass and goes several times a year. The quilt show for sure, and there's usually a couple of other things that she goes to.

This time the main attraction for us was lunch on the train. Tres yummy! (Google River Forth dining.) Not quite as elegant as first class on the Chunnel train, or some of the other trains we were on in Europe, but not chopped liver either. We thoroughly enjoyed it, then strolled around the park. Getting on the Moyie was a first for me as well.

You will no doubt be astonished to learn I was out shooting the garden this morning. There are a tonne of shots to grace the blog for a while, and I haven't forgotten about the promised rose and peony shots. Plus more lilies, and bees! I had a couple of cooperative bees in a rose and there are about 3 dozen where the bees appear to be in focus at first glance. I'll have to look more carefully and decide which to edit.

Mr Slackerpants has been scheduling my workouts that last little while, but he's getting kicked to the curb PDQ. There's been lots of muscle tightness and soreness the last little while, and I was mortified to have to bail on a run with BRBE. For sure a run or a swim tomorrow. For sure. Must get in shape to hustle this weekend. I've got a paparazzi gig to prepare for.

I'm testing out a new desk arrangement to reduce the amount of time I sit while writing or editing photos. Check it out.

I don't think it will be permanent, but it is a workable alternative for the short term. The other thing I could do is get a different chair. I'll have to figure something out. At the rate I'm going, I'll be editing a lot of photos during the rest of the year. So far I'm signed up for 2 race weekends and a trip to the Yukon. Plus the 70 or so photos a day (outside of the Wildrose race) could well add up to 20K more photos in the remainder of this year. It's gonna be fun!

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