Saturday, July 22, 2017

A little road trip

This was part of the view. I last saw this on a bicycle almost exactly 7 years ago. I wouldn't dream of tackling this on a bike now.
And these.
No, I don't know what either of these flowers are.

I don't know the names of either of these mountains, but suspect some of my readers do.

We had a lovely day browsing in Black Diamond at one of our favourite stores. Then down to Longview to discover 2 new photo galleries. Nice ones! Lunch. Very yummy lunch, and since it's less than an hour's drive we might go back for supper. There are places in Calgary that are about an hour's drive if the traffic is less than perfect.

Linda had never been west of Longview or over Highwood. We took it easy stopping several times to stroll around and take photos. One of my buddies had suggested Ptarmigan Cirque as a hike, and it turns out to be almost exactly 150 K from home. We hadn't planned on actually doing the hike, but it was nice to stretch our legs and stroll on the boardwalk.

I haven't spent much time in K country and was amazed how much stuff there is. More visits are being flanged up while the weather is nice. Up at a civilized hour, coffee, breakfast, deal with any garden issues, head out, have a nice afternoon, maybe dinner on the way back. Should be fun.

Along the way we scoped out the ring road highway construction. Sigh. The start to The Road to Nepal is a construction zone now. I don't think I'll try taking my bike the usual route anymore. There is a heavy haul road crossing where they've put steel plates on the road. Two places actually. You can tell where the first place was because the pavement is beat to crap there. That whole chunk of road has all kinds of clay and other crap on it. Plus there are regular road gravel trucks all over the place. Even The Road itself isn't going to be as much fun. There is a new farmer's market/event destination going in at the bottom of the long uphill. That's going to add a ton of traffic to dodge. The event part of it is open, but not the rest. It's for kids, and there's an admission fee.

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