Friday, July 28, 2017

A Dahlia with and without

But first, the mammals in charge around here.

You'd be excused with that look on her face for thinking that Celina is about to tackle Curtis, but no, she settled in for a snooze. It's been a calm day here, cats snoozing, Pink Floyd on the soundtrack, and me evaluating and editing photos. Plus some wine bottle bleaching when I needed a break.

Here's two of the good shots today. I think it's the same dahlia, just a couple days later, and a bee that was right in there.

Embiggen that second one, I'll wait. Trust me.

A couple of months ago I got lost in the boonies and discovered a bridge painted the most ghastly colour of puce I could imagine. Not just painted, but repainted. Earlier this week we were out for a walk in K country, and I found another bridge that colour. I couldn't believe it. Someone somewhere must have got a heck of a deal on paint.

I was out catching up with the new flowers this morning, and think there needs to be a begonia day. Remember the backlit white peony from earlier this month? It was a leading contender for image of the month, but it has big time competition now. Big time. Stay tuned.

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