Sunday, June 26, 2016

We ran to the salmon

A coolish-warmish rainy morning didn't deter us. We had plans. We were determined. Linda was going to storm the garden shows to enjoy and learn and admire what other gardeners have done. She was much taken with one gardener who has nothing but plants that deer and bunnies don't like. It's just a coincidence that her garden backs onto Fish Creek, which has lots of deer. She came back later with mucho more plants. Good thing she's on vacation next week. (See below)

Michelle picked me up, with the intent to park at Sandy Beach and run north along the Elbow River. The first problem is that Enmax is doing stuff near the dam and we couldn't park there. Since we had built the run around consideration of the famous Sandy Beach bike path hill, and my marking off more paths on my year map, this merited serious discussion about the change in plan. In the end we parked, and after some all important business just at the end of 50th Ave, we started off down the hill.

There was an asthmatic jogger desperate to try to keep up with us, but we lost him fairly soon. Good thing. I was kind of getting the vibe that he was scoping out my butt. We ran along the path, admiring all that there is to admire along the way. (Hint, lots.) We turned to go over the bridge leading to the path on the Elbow Drive side of the river, and ran along, waiting at the lights. I've never in my life been on that bit of the path. Normally I take the street since it's a bit shorter. (You can see where the red line separates.)

Going past Talisman we both waved at the same time, and said "Hi Katie," at the same time. At turn around we admired my buddy Jeff de Boer's salmon art. (note, not my photo, I'm not sure who's photo it is.) My own phone was buried in the spi-belt, and I didn't want to dig it out, hunt for the right spot of take the photo, all in the light rain of the moment. I'll get a photo of it another time and replace that on.

We both had a bit of a slow feeling part way, and going back we were wondering if we had slowed down a bit. Not really. I'd been looking for a 16 K run, and was surprised when it came up on the phone, and then when 17 happened we stopped, and walked back to the car as a cool down, and stretched a bit.

We both nailed the clothing. It's tougher to dress for about zero, and for when it's raining, than it is to dress for -35 C. I wore shorts and a short sleeved tech shirt and was perfectly happy both in between showers and in the bits of sun we had.

17 K, 1:54 for a 6:42/Km pace! Holy doodle! Last week we pushed a bit (within chatchatchat zone) and ran 15 K at a 6:53 pace, and was working it a bit. More than a bit. Today the only place I felt out of breath at all was up the little tiny hills near the path underpasses, and then I was back in the groove again. My feet felt light and happy till about the 15 K mark, then started talking about getting tired. Even at the very end I felt like I could have run faster.

Home and puttering. Here's some repairs to a pair of slippers. Curtis was trying to help. Such a considerate kitty. The problem is the stitching holding it together wore away and the felt part started separating. Once it begins it unravels pretty quickly.

In progress, with Curtis "helping".

Done this much when I finished the cord I had on the needle. I'll see how this holds up.

Dinner tonight. We ended up having the two smaller beef steaks, and the bigger piece of lamb will be tomorrow. That's apple pie in the background. Fresh BC blackberries and raspberries. So yummy!

Some of the flowers Linda brought home. Yes, that's a car seat latch you see.

Another of the less flamboyant lilies. I thought these were succumbing to the lily beetles, and were drooping, but no, Linda says they like pointing downward. It makes getting the shot just a bit tricky. Glad I have the camera with the articulating LCD screen.

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  1. Just catching up on your posts. Sounds like your running is going great! I'm so glad. Wish I could say the same. Managed 15k yesterday but my pace was slower than usual - maybe on account of the heat.

    Seems like you're having fun with your new camera too. Look forward to seeing more!

    Wish Linda was here to help with our garden. Doing my best but..


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