Sunday, June 12, 2016

New hobby and other stuff

Ok, so the surfing trip didn't come together for a couple reasons. Maybe in August. But I've been musing about taking up a new hobby, or rather, taking an existing one to a new level now that I've got a bit more free time.  A while ago I was reading a book where they interviewed a bunch of seniors, and asked what they would have done differently about the time most people retire. One of the common threads was they waited too long to start something, taking up a hobby they had been interested in, or correcting something that was a problem. I've had lots of ideas about photos, thinking that something would make a good shot, and I know the iPhone can't do it. I've decided that there is no time like the present.

Just a little something for myself to celebrate 4 years at Penn West. It was quite exciting unboxing it and getting it going! I've taken some auto pictures already, but I'm still working on the software part of working with RAW files. I've got one beautiful flower shot already. Here's a piece of it.

Rest assured, this isn't going to turn into a hard-core photography blog with nothing but f stops, exposures, aperture and other camera jargon. For at least the near future the photos that appear here will be from the iPhone. I'm thinking that once I get a grip on the camera functions, and sort out the software, I might start another blog, or link to a Flicker or other photo display site to show you the good ones.

I will probably talk about the journey of learning to use the camera, with much the same attitude that I blog about fitness stuff. You may confidently return regularly to this blog, knowing you'll never know what you're going to get.

The camera was a painless buying process eased by a helpful staff person at The Camera Store. Yes, I could have spent a LOT MORE $$$. Holy doodle camera stuff can be expensive. My intent was to get a good basic camera that gives me full control if I want it; one that I can grow into, and should I outgrow it I'll know exactly what I need. I signed up for Neil Zeller's beginner photography class. That should really give me a jump start.

The lens is the kit lens that comes with it out of the box. Nothing special. I can put a ton of different lenses on this that will expand the capabilities of the camera, and hopefully me as a photographer. You can buy the camera body and separate lenses if you like, but as the staff guy said, until you can tell me what you want, I can't sell you a lens that will make you happy. Work with the kit lens for a while, and you'll be able to come back and tell me what you want a lens to do that this one doesn't.

What else? I told you about the run home from work on Wednesday with the great unexpected detour. Thursday and Friday I was feeling a little creaky about it. Saturday I was ready to run again, heading along the 37 St path for 7 K and 45 minutes, 6:25 pace, lungs working a bit, but feet and legs feeling really good. Cadence was nice and quick. Lots of pre road construction work is happening so part of the path is closed. It's no fun at all for bike riders; they have to lift their bike over a wire fence. The pedestrian bridge over Anderson is going full steam. They might have that done this summer.

Friday I had a nice easy swim and the equality essay wrote itself while in the pool. I sat in the bleachers after and talked to my phone so I wouldn't lose the ideas. I'm trying to build that into my personal habits, when I get a writing idea, or want to make a note for myself, to record it on the phone. That little device is good for doing a zillion things, and I'm probably missing something that would really help me. Leave a comment please, what is the most important but obscure thing you use your phone for? Yes I know you text or talk up a storm, and take a zillion photos. I'm interested in the obscure app that does something useful, really well.

After the swim we went to the Blue Star diner for a date breakfast. I had the all of everything omelette and it was just to die for! Fridays off are awesome!

Sunday I was in the pool again for a relaxed swim. I wasn't feeling the fast water love at all. Just over 19 minutes for 1K, then some intervals after. I was getting all sorts of weird niggles so I didn't want to push too hard. The pool was quiet.

Linda has been working hard on the garden. Here's the latest bit of clean up and new plants. Plus the peonies have started to bloom! Hopefully I'll get the camera figured out better and get some really good shots.

Lastly, two of Curtis and Celina today. At least some of you may have missed Curtis going for a walk.

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  1. Yay! Glad you took the plunge, Keith, and the Rebel's a great camera. Good idea to take a course too. I took one the first winter I had my Nikon and found it really helpful. You take lots of good shots already, so I look forward to seeing what you do with a "real" camera. :-) Sounds like running's continuing to go well too. Great! Love the flowers. And the cats, of course. Those two really are just TOO adorable.


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