Thursday, June 2, 2016

Face slapping revisited

First of all, unless you are a long, LONG time blog reading regular, you need to go read this post, almost exactly 7 years ago. Today I wasn't on the bike, and there were no bananas involved.

But I had a great massage on Wednesday, and my first run afterward is always a little creaky. Plus we went out for a fish and chip dinner at British Chippie. I waited 2 hours, and was sort of dithering about the run, but eventually changed and got'er done. 5K 35 minutes, 7 per K, taking it easy.

The hard part was dodging the tree branches. It's a gusty windy day here, in a pre-thunderstormy kind of way, but it's sunny, clear, and warm. I was coming around a corner, keeping my eye on a couple walking a dog on a long leash, when suddenly I had a face full of tree branch. Poplar I think, but I'm not sure. Good thing I had my mouth mostly closed and sunglasses on.  I don't think they saw that happen, and were wondering why I was running and wiping my face and spitting.

My legs felt off and on, never really quite in the groove, never clunky enough to stop. There were a couple ginormous belches tasting of chips. Breathing easy and relaxed.

The run Tuesday was 7K 46 minutes for a 6:32 pace, feeling great! Not even trying to run fast, and it all just happened.

There were a few swims in there, but in the "taper" up to the race, and "recovery" after, I haven't done anything dramatic in the pool, just doing enough so I don't totally lose swim fitness. I never did post a pic of the medal.

I'm seriously tempted to sign up for the Millarville half. It starts in Black Diamond (that town again!) and goes up through back roads to the opening of the Millarville market. My buddy Lori is signed up already, though I'm not sure I can keep up with her. One of my other buddies might sign up as well, though I for sure can't keep up once she puts her race face on. Maybe I'll be one of the "bunners" and do the cinnamon bun run.

I really must get out on my bike again, it's been a while, and I have a brand new bike jersey to get pics of for you! Maybe tomorrow.

Some random garden shots for you all. Just don't ask me what they are.


  1. I'm tempted to do the cinnamon bun run myself but then I'd have to leave Evie with Kris and sometimes that happens often enough as it is.


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