Friday, June 3, 2016

Curtis goes for a walk, I go for a ride.

Not together.

We started with this view over coffee and OJ.

It was a beautiful morning to sit outside and enjoy the patio, sipping a nice Crickle Creek dark roast coffee, working on my novel. Sort of, anyways. I almost wish I'd made more coffee. The morning was actually hot already. Eventually Linda put the cats on their harness and let them out. Mostly Celina stayed tucked under the BBQ, but Curtis was a bit more adventurous.

He was scoping out a bird. I think it was a crow nearly as big as he is.

 Here he is up on top of the gate, looking in.

Now looking out, dreaming of conquering new territory.

Strolling along the top of the fence.

Peering around.

If I thought he would stay in the back yard, I'd be happy to do without the harness. But he's a cat. There was one episode where something startled them and they ran for their very lives, till the harness stopped them.

Without the harness who knows where they would have stopped? Probably lost, wondering where those good humans had got to, and what rotten humans they are for not feeding them. Cats. There's no satisfying them.

Later, after puttering with some financial paperwork, I was out for a 20 K bike ride, 55 minutes, nice and easy through Fish Creek and back through whatever that neighbourhood is just south of Fish Creek.

Got an eyeful along the way. I'm riding through the park, catching up to some skateboarders. They're going along at a good clip, about 20 KpH or so, chatting to one another. All three are wearing shorts,and no shirts. It's only as I'm passing that I realize one has a little more happening up top, if you get my drift. All three had pony tails, but only 2 of them were guys.  Good for her. That sort of confidence will serve her well.

The ride was nice, and my legs feel better after, but my butt was talking to me a bit. I haven't been on the bike for a while. No way am I going to join some buddies that are doing Highwood pass this weekend. No way am I up for that. I've got a 15 K or so run booked for tomorrow morning down in Fish Creek. Anyone want to come along, text me quick.

For Sunday I've got the cow bells, still looking for the pom-poms.

More garden photos, just because. I'm loving the brilliant colours.

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