Thursday, November 19, 2015

2 hours is not enough

Swim was better today, stretched out and relaxed. I could feel my stroke oscillating between the new version and the older version. It was sort of a weird feeling. Still feeling a bit pummeled from the massage yesterday. Stretched on the wall, and did a bit of water running.

We had a nice pasta dinner, and a bit over 2 hours later I was thinking it was now or never for the bike. That felt pretty good too, settling easily into 85 rpm fairly quickly. Did some short bursts at gradually higher watts, with some easy spin in between. Pushing ~200 watts for 5 minutes gets my heart rate up into the mid 130s, and felt pretty good. About 230 watts was pushing too hard.

The problem was that I was still feeling a bit full from supper, and I didn't want to push too hard. I've done that before and came close to regretting it. The 45 minutes went quick and were a good lead in to some stretching,


plank! Only 60 seconds today, but keeps the streak going, 5 days now. Other stretching was good.

I was asked why I hadn't yet blogged about Paris, terrorism in general, political stupidity, and other related topics. To be honest, I don't have the heart for it just yet. I'm saddened at the whole darned thing and everything connected with it, especially the people that should know better. I've had different pieces of it going through my mind, but there's nothing coherent enough for a blog. Maybe it will come together, or maybe not.

Something that made my day was my buddy Janice's blog, full of pictures from a recent Scotland trip.

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  1. Your training sounds like it's going great, Keith. I'm so glad. With the work landscape so bleak, it's good to have something productive to focus on. I feel for you. The NS government shut down a while department last year without warning and it was very very tough - for those who were let go, of course, and everyone who worked with them. :-( Anyway, hope things get a bit easier in the months ahead. In the meantime, keep on training, and writing about it. It's totally inspiring!! And thanks for the kudos re my latest post.


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