Saturday, June 28, 2014

Not so exhausted anymore

Here it is, mid afternoon of a beautiful day, sitting on my patio in the shade, drinking wine, sniffing the breeze, looking at the new grass I really need to cut again. Fair warning, I have no idea where this post is going to go.

We've been pretty busy the last little while, dealing with the patio, getting followup details done, and generally dealing with life. Plant life in particular, though Linda has done all the planting. I've just toted and carried. Work life, in particular, which I don't much talk about here. As most of you know, I work in the oil and gas industry here. Let's just say that this workplace has it's own challenges. I like what I do, and I've particularly liked where I've been doing it, and I've especially liked the boss I had for the last two years. Note the tense there. She was "no longer with the company"-ed last week, along with her boss, and the other manager in our group. To say the herd is spooked is a fair statement.

This happens here. Re-orgs, downsizing, purges, divestitures, whatever the resin, the result is the same, people don't work there anymore on really short notice. It's happened to me several times, though this is a first to have my boss be fired, and me not. In spite of the company hot air about them "needing and wanting us", many of us contractors do not expect to be there in August, though stranger things have happened. We might be kept on. You don't have to be a rocket surgeon to predict the next steps people are taking.

So what with all that I've been dragging my butt for the last week, and the last couple days have been brutal. Friday night I was in bed by 8, after a bit of a nap after work, and I was still in bed at 7 this morning. That's one of my longest sleeps ever, though I was awake a bit in the night. I'm still tired, but not as bad as I was yesterday.

There was nothing fitness related for much of last week. Even the stretching and such has been low key. But this morning, wow! Michelle and I got ourselves sorted out for a run this morning from Glenmore Landing up to Sandy Beach. It was a hair over 10 K, and we had a wonderful run. We weren't in a rush, the weather was warm and sunny without being too hot, there was a nice breeze, and there weren't too many people on the path. The map is boring, and the pace was pretty even so that's boring too, so I won't put them up, unless Julie gets on my case about needing a numbers fix.

I wasn't sure about my legs, but there were no problems, chugging along at our regular chat chat chat place. The Sandy Beach bridge is still out, but at least there were construction workers down there doing construction things. The bike path from Glenmore Landing up to the Heritage Park ax is being twinned, and about time too. Stinky diesel smell for the start of our run. We were trying for an unusual selfie this time. This is what I got, hers is better. She says it's a shoe selfie.

The fun part of last week was getting a laser pointer for the cats. You really need video to see how quick Curtis reacts to the twitches of the light. We also got a couple harnesses and cord for them. They have often wanted to go out, but we want them out only under our supervision. After a few minutes being timid, Curtis strolled around, then hopped up to the fence, then up on the roof briefly. He seems quite accustomed to the harness, so I wonder if it's happened to him before. Celina promptly tangled herself up and needed rescuing several times. So the rest of the post is the cats doing their thing outside.

Now that the blog is done, I think I'll go back to work on the novel.

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  1. Thanks for the great run! Gorgeous kitty photos. Fingers crossed for you at work.


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