Wednesday, June 18, 2014

At least my yoga mojo isn't out for a 3-some

After the almighty thunk yesterday,  I could feel my legs were much happier with me today. I was looking forward to yoga class even more than usual, and not just because our lovely instructor lets us choose the poses. I had a feeling I'd have a good class, after struggling with it much of the year.

Sure enough. Yesterday each side of my butt had a huge knot in it that I could feel as I rolled over it. The feeling was exactly like I had a lacrosse ball in my pocket, or an extra hip bone had grown. That's essentially gone tonight. Doing a forward bend has been a slow, careful process, and often I didn't get anywhere near my toes. Tonight, not just finger to toes, not just fingers to floor, but knuckles to floor. Something in my back has sure loosened up.

The yoga mojo was there for me tonight! Which makes me happy. Last we all heard, my swim and run mojo were off somewhere. Maybe they were looking for my bike mojo, I haven't seen that in months. I'll find out tomorrow morning if the swim love is there. If I get a good night's sleep, I'm thinking so. Pity it's flooding down rain, the temptation is to go for a run. This weekend for sure.

I'm going to miss our yoga class over the summer. It's been a good part of my Wednesday routine for many years now. Somehow I always say I'll do yoga during the summer, and usually I don't, at least not regularly.

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