Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Self-Conscious, for once

Middle aged men are just about the most invisible creatures on earth. Nobody notices them. In addition, most of us don't care about what we look like. Which might be cause or effect, now that I think of it. Normally I don't care much about how I look when I'm doing something.

But tonight was weird. There I was running, and very self conscious about it. Wondering how it looked. It felt clunky at first, and gradually got better, but it was never smooth. Overall the time was good, just a hair under 35 minutes for a 5 K run, which is ball park for a moderate pace, not breathing too hard. Just towards the end my legs were beginning to feel it a bit. I don't believe the last few seconds of the pace graph. There's no way I was running that fast.

At least the snow held off till after the run. Yay! Lots of stretching after, and sitting with a bag of cold water on my quad.

If this had been a swim, I'd have said I didn't have the water feel. Is there such a thing as run feel? Do you ever get self conscious about what your run looks like? Or anything else you do?


  1. I cut my run short as I felt clunky too. The long run on the weekend after not running all week was more than my old joints could take today. Oh well, tomorrow is another day! Hopefully your next run will feel better. You have nothing to be self conscious about in your running form or anything else for that matter!

    1. Old joints?? I'll trade you. Thanks for the kind words! Funny, I never would have thought of taking a bus if I bailed on a run. I'd call Linda, or a cab. Or crawl, if necessary. Must learn to keep an open mind.

  2. Always feel self-conscious with my running - and always feel clunky. I see other runners and, yes, get 'runner envy' - they always look so smooth and their running looks effortless (mine rarely is effortless). Oh, well.

    Good job on the 5K pace! And getting out there and getting it done!!

    1. The road past our place is well travelled with runners. I didn't used to care, most of the time. Now I'll look at each of them and see how they're doing. Let's just say it runs the gamut for run form.


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