Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Running! The desk photo

Today was spring in Calgary. It comes every year, often between January and June, but no guarantees. You have to take advantage or you'll miss it. There might yet be more winter, and then it will go directly into monsoon season. There is usually a brief summer sometime between June and August, then we get to the nice time of the year. Fall. Usually between August and December. Sunny days varying between T shirt and light jacket warmth, and cool evenings, sometimes with a bit of frost. then winter, anytime from September to June. Such are the seasons in Calgary.

Today was nice, so I tried running again. At first I regretted it. The first K was brutal! My legs felt slow, heavy, sluggish, torpid, and reluctant. Then they gradually woke up although they never got to springy like the other day. I was not astonished to find the first the first K coming in at almost 8 minutes, only a bit surprised it was that fast. Then the next 4 were quite consistent at 7 minutes and a couple seconds. This was a surprise.

I couldn't hear my phone talking to me so I had no idea of my pace. It felt like I was slogging away. Never breathing hard, and not trying to run fast, just trying to stay moving. All in all it was pretty good.

This is why I start workouts. It used to be that if I thought it would be crap, I wouldn't start. But I've had lots that turned out to be pretty good workouts overall, and not just above low expectations. So now I go, and tell myself if theres actual pain, I'll stop. Mostly there isn't.

Did a fairly good stretch session afterward. Then while finishing my glass of wine I put a wine bag of cold water on my quad and IT band. Curtis wasn't at all sure what to think of the slosh.

I had a couple people guessing at the number of electronics on the desk photo. It wasn't the best picture, and if I had planned to do it as a formal contest I should have opened the lid. So here's the photo again, and my count of electronic devices.

Starting top left, and going clockwise.
1- Lamp has a control to brighten or dim it.
2- Computer monitor. Actually it's the whole computer.
3&4- The rounded silver box contains 2 hearing aids. They are bluetooth enabled, so I counted them as separate devices.
5- The orange thingie is an external 2 TB hard drive. Or maybe 4, I never know these things anymore.
6- The watch sitting on the little red book. It runs on a battery, and has a tiny computer inside to keep time.
7- The blue thingie is the cable modem.
8- Just to the right of the cable modem is the blue tooth receiver for the hearing aids. I love listening to music piped directly into my ears. The left right separation is unbelievable, and the sound quality is quite good.
9- The keyboard.
10- The mouse.
11- The old iPad. I sometimes use it as a track pad, and sometimes to play music through the old sound system.
12- Small calculator sitting on the iPad
13- The HP calculator, on the iPad, just behind the small calculator.
In fact, when I look closely to the left of the iPad, there is a a stereo amp there, but it looks like a black box here, so I wasn't expecting anyone to get it. The two coasters are in fact the disks from a hard drive I took apart a little while ago, but they don't count anymore.

There are two small glass guardian sculptures, a moose and a Chinese dragon. I didn't do these, they are a souvenir of a trip to Ontario. The big glass blog is a combination paperweight and business card holder, for back when I had business cards. Let's see, I had them at Amoco, BP, Skystone, and IMS. As an independent contractor I've never bothered to make any up. It's just as simple to email my contact info. What would I put on a card? My name, my company name, email, cell phone number. I know what I do with most business cards, I'd be afraid the money I spend on them would go the same place.

So, I digress.
Janice gets coffee and a treat from the La Havre bakery when we visit there later this year.
Michelle gets coffee and a treat next time we meet up.
Yay both of them for playing along!

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  1. No one said there would be prizes :( Seriously, that's a lot of electronic equipment - in a very small space!

    Good job on the run, Keith. Yes, we had a spring-like day on Monday and then, pfft, gone! No way we Canadians could ever set a watch to the seasons!! Oh, and nice use of a wine bag - I'll have to remember that!


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