Thursday, April 10, 2014

2 forward, 1 sideways

Last you heard I had a really nice run on Tuesday. Though some of you may not know that because not many people read that blog from Tuesday. No matter. Your loss.

Wednesday I passed on a swim for a variety of reasons. Then a massage. My legs were feeling much better this time. More sort of overall tired than some muscles in particular feeling really cranky. Then yoga, with our famous teacher back from vacation. That was all good.

Then today I was in meeting hell. Normally I get up and move around, and drink lots of water, but there wasn't much of that today. Normally I have 2 short meetings a week. I had 5 today, plus an informal one after when I normally leave. Even though I took my water glass everywhere, I still didn't drink as much as I wanted to, or move around as much. Then sitting in the car for an hour to get home. Now my legs are feeling a bit cranky. I'll head down to stretch in a few minutes.

I'm normally pretty organized about getting out the door in the morning, but there was lots of back and forth. I should have videoed Curtis. If I was walking towards the front door, he charged toward it and got ready to be let out. (Hint, it's not going to happen.) If I was walking to the back of the house, he charged towards the back because of course I'm only doing that to give him more crunchies. We were back and forth several times. I think he was getting a little frustrated with me.

The front yard has emerged from the snow cover for the first time since November. I was out looking things over and it looks pretty gross. Of course, there is another month of winter yet, so I don't want to get too carried away. The Alberta rose by the garage is already getting ready for another season of domination and conquering. I think it would survive the coming of the glaciers.

So maybe there will be some gardening this weekend, but I doubt it. I'm not sure what's on the agenda. Too tired to think about it now.


  1. It's always hard when you sit at a desk all day - I have to constantly remind myself to get up and move, but it sounds like you're pretty good at that already. Sorry you had so many meetings. And that the legs were (are?) cranky!

    Too funny about Curtis - he probably slept the rest of the day after all that excitement and exercise!!

  2. I am terrible at not drinking enough water during the day. It's probably because I hate getting up to pee 5 million times


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