Friday, August 31, 2012

Supervised by a cat

A bit of a grab bag for you all this morning. This afternoon now, I got distracted in the middle of writing.

Swam on Thursday morning. It's amazing how much better that goes when your back and shoulder muscles are not a solid block of unhappiness. Earlier in the week a 96 second 100 m was all out.  Now that time is a relaxed strong but nowhere near all out effort. The water feel is back.

Today I got pointed to Runmeter as a way of tracking run information. It was only $3 so I downloaded it to give it a try. I'm pretty pleased. Here's the map and info it emailed to me after the run. In fact, it was waiting for me when I got home. As near as I can tell, the only downside is that I have to carry my phone to make it work. Most of my run gear does not have a pocket that big, or snug enough for the weight of an iPhone. Then there is the sweat issue. Hmmm.

This was just to get out and run and see how the app worked out. Not too far, not trying to be fast, just to see where I was. I'm actually a bit surprised it was as fast as it was. The run felt pretty good, and for the first time in a while my cardio was limiting things. My legs didn't mind running at all, and could have run faster I think. They felt pretty good throughout, and the shoes are so far so good. There's even another graph I found in the app when I was poking around.

No, I don't plan to inflict these numbers and graphs on you every time. I'll label them so you can avoid them if you want. That will let my buddy Julie find them easy, because I know she lives for numbers about athletic performance.

During my stretching after the run I was supervised. Before this he had shown me what an inadequate stretcher I am, and how inflexible. Yeah Curtis, this is not news. Sorry for the poor pic quality, it's from the iPad.

My buddy Jayne posted a photo of book titles making up a poem a little while ago. While out for a lunch time walk I saw the book exchange, and decided to try to make a poem out of whatever was there. It is what it is.

I'm very popular with the Federal Government today. At least they aren't asking for money.

I have already got a few things scratched off my list of things to do. My first attempt at a time lapse photo of the almost full moon rising was foiled by the cats knocking over the phone. Tonight I'm going to use the bike stand as a mount for the camera. Let them knock THAT over. Maybe I should wash that window first.


  1. just looking at those charts, maps and graphs makes me tired. That run looks crazy! I want to know what the book Mystic Paths is and who it;s by. I love that stuff - I do chakra meditations twice daily ;)

  2. The book is by Susan Howatch and I know nothing of it. I had to go back to the photo to read the author's name. I didn't read the blurb on the back. All I did was shuffle the books around a bit, while two other people were patiently amused.

    And really, lots of people would do that as a long evening walk. Contrary to what the graph indicates, the slopes are really quite gentle. There's one on the other side of the river I'll have to try to see what that graph looks like. I expect a vertical line. Hmmmm.


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