Friday, August 3, 2012

Start of a weekend

This is sort of weird to be sitting at home on a Friday. Once upon a time I got every other Friday off and that was pretty good. During the summer I get the Friday before long weekends off. Four day weekends are nice.

Acupuncture on Wednesday went as expected, helping things loosen up. Did some yoga and light core when I got home.

Thursday I was in an empty pool. Totally empty, as in nobody at all. One of the lifeguards came and talked to me he was so bored. Swam 1000m in 19:20 or so, taking it easy on the turns and not pushing too hard. Then some dolphin kick and pull. Then a pair of 50 m pretty hard, 42 and 45 seconds, blowing the turn on the second one. Stretched in the water and did some core. Total 1 hour in the water.

It's raining so no walk at lunch. You could fire a shotgun through the office and not hit anyone. At least a couple offices I walked past had Olympic stuff going. *I* didn't, I was good, diligently working away on my spreadsheets. (Stop laughing!)

It was still raining when we got home, and I was totally in a mood for watching video and finishing off the guacamole that Linda had made for a work brunch thing. That and drinking wine, let's not forget that.

Today is an easy start to the day, catching up on Facebook while the laundry machines run. The more I think about it, the more I'm surprised that there isn't a shrine to washing machines in every town and city. Just think of the amount of time they save! Dump your stuff in, add a bit of detergent, press a button, and walk away. Beats pounding your stuff with rocks in the river where you get your drinking water.

Our washer is now 26 years old, and the dryer a mere 14. We had bought an el cheapo dryer second hand when we moved in together, and it lasted and lasted and lasted. Only the dishwasher is older, and the only reason it's lasted so long is that we hardly ever use it. I find very soothing to wash dishes by hand, and most of the time there's hardly anything to do.

We are not looking forward to replacing the washer and dryer. The new ones now are these front load things in bright designer colours. They take forever to do a load, just forever. They might be efficient, but they're slow. And once they start, there's no going back to add that sock you dropped on the way. Or the sock that a cat (I'm looking at YOU Celina!) stole from the pile and dragged off for some debauched purpose.

Here's a slightly dressed up picture I took at lunch time earlier this week. I like the different angles of walls and roofs.

I found this in the building where I work. A second set of hand rails. On me they are knee hight at best. I haven't the slightest idea of what they're for. Do you?

The coffee order arrived! Here's our supply for the next little while. We're looking forward to trying the Guatemalan one, and the other two are old favourites. Check out Crickle Creek yourselves, you might find something you want to try, and they deliver to your door in Calgary and nearby towns to the south west. How cool is that? They also ship further afield.

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