Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pummeled so good

Yesterday was a stretch and relax day. I was a bit more creaky after my short bike and run than I was happy with, so I did a good stretch session. And went to bed early.

Tuesday I was for my swim and just at the finish my buddy Katie was in for her water run. I saw about 750 m then a bunch of dolphin and pull. The one 100 m trial trying to be strong but not all out was good till the 75 m point and I think I really slowed down the last 25 m. Still, 93 seconds. That tells me my form is getting back to where it was, it's the cardio and endurance that needs work. Plus, getting my back and shoulders working properly would be a good thing.

After the swim I joined Katie and water ran. We got all caught up and she told me the story of her injury. I'm glad it happened after her race, not before or during. She told me which race but I can't remember the name. It was long and in French, both the name and race. She did very well, as if we could think anything else.

From there I went to the massage therapist that Darryl Penner recommended. Yay Darryl, she's a winner! I've already booked a follow up appointment. There were lots of tight spots. Many. Very tight. Once I actually had to ask her to back off just a touch, and the rest was good, in a pummeling sort of way. I think with my normal level of tightness and soreness it would have been perfect, but I'm a little, well, a lot over the edge. Can't wait for the next one! I still need it.

Even from this morning I can feel the improvement in my low back. My range of motion is almost back to normal. I was downstairs doing another good stretch session. Lots of cat cow, pigeon, forward bend, down dog, shoulder motion stuff, laterals, intercostal twists, and I don't know what else.

I did some of those while watching a TV show called Wipeout on Youtube. The contestants attempt to go through an amazing obstacle course. Almost all of them fail, and there are some spectacular wipeouts. The squawks and sound effects are the funniest part as someone gets a rotating bar in the guts that slings them into the drink, while bouncing off other stuff.

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  1. Nice I'm so glad she worked for you. And don't feel bad, I've had to ask her to back off a touch at times too when I couldn't handle the pain, ha ha.


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