Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A notable meal, and notable lack of workout

After work we went to NOtaBLE for dinner. That's how they spell it and who am I to argue. It's really good. That seems so inadequate. It's really, really good. Worth a trip to Bowness for, even if you live far SW like us. It wasn't even a 20 minute drive home, and we've driven much further for meals that were not as nice. I didn't see the bill (Thanks Linda!) but I'm told it's quite reasonable for what we got. The food is superb, and perfectly prepared.

Linda had a rabbit confit, and a big bowl of hearty soup, and a creme brûlée for dessert. Plus her own glass of wine. She is propped up in the media room watching a DVD. Needless to say, after the rolled potato skins with yummy stuff, the roasted leg of lamb with a yummy side dish, and a carrot cake dessert, along with wine, I am too full to be going for a run or downstairs to work out. I vaguely regret having lunch.

I will consider this a communal bit of tapering with my IMC buddies. Too cold and windy to run anyways.


  1. It's not far from our and I've been there twice so far. Both times were beyond fantastic and so worth the money!

  2. There were many other things on the menu I wanted to try. Many.

  3. We went to Notable on my birthday last year. We were very disappointed with the service and not blown away by the food. We've said that we should give it another try but it hasn't happened yet. I'm glad that your experience was better...maybe we should try and go back!

  4. I will say though that the stilton cheesecake was out of this world.


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