Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Zoot bag of many pockets

I've been a slacker the last couple days. A weenie. It's been cold here. Snow was forecast, but none came here. About the only thing of note is the perennial struggle with dandelions.

The interesting thing is going into stuff that's been stored away for a while. I opened up the Zoot travel bag of many pockets. I'm still not convinced I have discovered them all. Buried in there I discovered two extra tubes and a bunch of CO2 cartridges. There are a great many swim caps in there. The Merril mesh bags are beyond handy. I wish more races gave them out.

Katie dropped by this morning to ride out 22X and wanted to see if I would come along. Not. Remember what I said about it being cold and me being a weenie? She was wearing a parka. It was about 4C.

Later I ran into Todd H at the Farmer's market. He's doing IMC again this year, going through a bit of a different training program. Says it's going really well, which is good to hear. I'll have to follow him on the big day.

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  1. Is this Zoot "bag of many pockets" good for on-the-go - esp running? I've been looking for a backpack I can run with ie. stays real close to me and won't shift around for those times I am commuting and/or travelling and training at the same time. The only ones I can find so far are the trail backpacks - which are fine, but it looks more like for people doing trail running/ultras, not for me.


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