Monday, April 30, 2012

Saving the best for last

The GVBP is done, except for about the last 3 feet. That itself would be the work of a few minutes, if I could get at it. Here's the scene.

There is an old weight machine in the way. Does anyone want this? Free to anyone who wants to take it away. Can these be sold to the scrap metal dealers? The rest of the stuff is long bits of wood, mostly flooring. Just below the photo there is an old bathroom sink tangled in with the weight machine. Don't ask my why. There might even be more stuff in there that I've forgotten about and can't see. This little piece is not going to be fun.

Almost as much not-fun as the section where one of the furnace cold air intakes is. The pipe was essentially not hooked up to the inlet section, so cold air could constantly flow into the house. I suppose one way or another it's getting into the furnace, but via the basement floor is not efficient.

Getting it hooked back together was very tricky. At one point I was using my hard hat to push up, while I pushed forward with my hands, trying to get it nudged into place. Then the trick was to not dislodge it while I taped the bejeebers out of it, carefully tucked insulation around it, and then taped the vapour barrier in place. Breathing in dust and who knows what all. I've probably given myself cancer from the insulation dust.

The other place that was fun was just above the electrical panel. Major wiring in, and out, going up into the wall for distribution to the rest of the house. There's a bit of plastic up there, covered by about a half a roll of the Tuck Tape stuck in between all the wiring trying to seal it up.

Something I forgot to taunt you all with was my treat on Sunday. Linda brought back a cinnamon bun about half the size of my head. It was very good.

Swim was good this morning. 1.5 Km in 29 minutes flat in 50 m pool. Another 30 minutes of dolphin kick and pull stuff, and some backstroke.

I'm totally counting the GVBP as core today. Standing in chair pose, on a chair, reaching above my head has me all atremble today. Much too cold to bike outside.

Signatures on paper are coming closer. When it's done I'll share.


  1. Please tell me that your head wasn't in the hard hat as you were pushed, pulled, and nudged...

    Also, YUM!

  2. Yes. My head was in the hard hat. Pushing up. If I could have got my feet up there I'd have involved them too. There were any number of times during this job I wished I was an octopus.

  3. Wow....I do not remember this part of your basement at all. I had no idea you owned a weight machine OR had a bathroom sink down there!! I'm craving cinnamon buns at 11 pm at night.....thanks Keith.....

  4. Cinnamon bun...*drool*

  5. I went years without remembering that part of the basement too. There is much about my basement that I had not known until a few days ago, and my hands are going to be reminding me for a while.

  6. Cobb Bakery does really good buns too. As do several other places in town. Do a race here, and I'll give you a tour.

  7. YUM KEITH you are killing me :) I actually had a healthier alternative to that today - plain whole wheat toast with a bit of butter and sprinkle of cinnamon. alas no sugar. I love sugar

    I would LOVE a weight machine.......but alas I live in Ontario.

    I want to start swimming but I've been putting it off

  8. Thanks for commenting Ali Mc! I used to love cinnamon toast like you describe. Then my mom saw how thick the sugar was and cut me off. No time like the present to start swimming. The first time is always the worst, then it gets better.

  9. You might be able to get rid of the machine through kijiji or freecycle? I don't want it. :) I already have lots of exercise equipment, and all I use is the treadmill and my bike trainer.


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