Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Holding it while FTTKMLs

My yoga teacher is normally so good to me. Often the poses in class are just what I needed. A few times I have suspected she has designed the class around my achey needs. Tonight, well, I need to tell you how I got there.

A 25 m pool sure seems short when you've been swimming in a 50 m pool for a while. It seemed like I was just getting my stroke groove on and there was the wall again. My shoulders are still sore so I wasn't trying to pull hard, but it still felt like I was dragging my feet a bit.
1000 m in 18:45. Core feeling the flip turns a bit.
Lots of dolphin kick and some pull.
3 x 50 on 60 s trying to stay sub 45, and barely did it on the last one. I knew there was no way I could do a fourth.
Some backstroke, which felt particularly lovely today.

More of the vapour barrier project, though without the serious contortions needed yesterday. But I did need to dig out my old BP hard hat and wear that. I'm into the section of the basement where there is hardwood on the main floor. Lots and lots of angled nails pointing down. Last thing I need is a major scalp wound.

That and some limbering up had me ready to run. I was aiming for an hour at a moderate pace, and that worked out perfectly. I went down through Fish Creek and was just amazed at how much like spring it smelled. We've had a bit of rain lately to wash things off, the river is up a bit, the trees are beginning to bud out. The air felt so fresh and nice it was wonderful to be outside. I ended up running a hair over 9 K in the hour, without trying to run fast. Even toward the end of the run my legs were still turning over at 90 steps a minute, which made me happy.

Stretched after, and did feet in the air. Just as I was headed into the shower I got a phone call that made me very happy. Then after a bit of a rest was yoga. She had rediscovered a flow she hadn't taught for a while, and decided to do it. That flow happened to be really hard on my tired legs, especially quads and IT. Then another flow with variations on intense forward stretch, which had my quads and IT bands screaming. Then a folded leg thingie that I forget what it was called that was brutal to get into, but once there it was actually really nice. Everything else was good. I managed to chat to a couple people and got a very nice invitation for Friday, and was outside before the biological imperative happened. Which is a good thing all round.

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