Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just beat the rain

It was a gray day when I looked outside this morning. After dropping Linda off I was tempted to go back to bed. But the coffee was so good, and first thing was a very nice phone call. Couldn't go back to bed after that.

Still didn't feel like going for a run though, even knowing it was supposed to rain. Instead I tidied in the basement clearing out small section that has been accumulating stuff for a long time. Once that was done I felt just about ready to go. Limbered up some more and got dressed. It wasn't as cold out as I thought, but I still needed a jacket.

My feet were light and frisky right from the start. I had a really good turnover going then suddenly discovered I was running quite quickly, by my standards. I was only out for 5 K, wanting to run only with good form. About then I realized my feet were spending longer on the ground, and my posture was starting to go pear shaped.

By the time I stretched and showered the rain had started, complete with large flakes of snow. I had some errands to run so I picked Linda up after work. In the few minutes I was waiting for her it went from mostly rain to completely snow. We've had several inches so far now, though much of it is melted.

Linda had been invited to a work function to celebrate mumbltey years of service. Many. Still snowing. Linda chatted with a few people she knew, and surprise, there were a couple guys I'd worked with ever so long ago when I worked for the City. We even met briefly with Mayor Nenshi. He's taller than I thought.

During the various announcements one person gave the hockey scores. Surprisingly enough several people commented about wanting to know how the debates were going. The leaders of the 4 main parties here in Alberta were having a debate tonight, and with the two right wing parties tied in the polls, there was a lot of importance riding on this.

We listened to a bit of it on the way to the function. I liked how Mason (NDP) quoted from the official record of the Legislature about something Redford (PC) had said on the topic of senior's accommodation and Redford kept saying it simply wasn't true. Yeah. Maybe they use the same accounting firm as for the F-35 purchase.


  1. April showers bring May flowers...NOT! Hahah. I would have liked to hear that debate! Nice job on beating the rain. At home, I usually seem to time it so I start when the rain does. lol!

  2. Running in the rain can be nice. When it's warm out. Like that happens here very often. That always messes me up when we go someplace on vacation where it IS warm when it rains.

    Debate results are inconclusive. Basically it was close enough that everybody thinks their horse won.


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