Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hard ride followup

As you will recall I pushed the spin a bit yesterday, working pretty hard for a short ride. It took a little while to drop off to sleep, but then I was out like a light. This morning I could feel it in my hip flexors, and oddly enough, in the ball of my left foot. That foot has been a bit stiff and tight lately.

I discovered this during yoga a couple weeks ago when we did the pose where you stand on one foot, and slowly roll your toes under the other foot and lift up so the stretch curls your toes under. That actually almost hurt. Which means I should do it more.

After work (another brutal day, in case you were wondering, and thanks for asking) I was almost thinking about going for a run, but restrained myself. I could still feel those hip flexors, and hoped that yoga class would have something for that. It did.

Our regular teacher was off doing whatever it is that yoga teachers do when they skip class. Our sub teacher had us doing some different stuff, which was very refreshing, including one good stretch for the hip flexors. Very good.

You may note some new people in my blogroll. So far I haven't trimmed many people off the bottom of the list, but it is getting long, and at some point, one has to assume that they've given up on blogging. I'm thinking about some changes to the blog, so stay tuned.


  1. I sleep amazingly well after hard workouts - once I get to sleep. It takes me a while to wind down.

  2. Holy cow D, that's a fast response. You must have been sitting there just WAITING for me to post. After a run or a bike I can sleep, once I wind down a bit. But after a swim I'm hooped for hours and hours. A swim has been my wake up for so long that my body just assumes it's morning.

  3. Do yoga teachers skip yoga class for pilates?

  4. LOL about yoga teacher skipping class for Pilates. That's a good one! :)

  5. I don't think Deb slept last night... she was commenting on my blog pretty early this morning!

    I find a late swim really messes with my ability to sleep. Which is why I am so annoyed that the lane swim time at the closest pool to my house is 8:30pm!

    Hope your work day is better today!

  6. They wouldn't say why she wasn't there, so we're all feeling self conscious. Was it something we said? Has our poor form pissed her off?

    Maybe it was tryout night for Zumba?

    N, we need to keep in mind that 'closest' is a somewhat relative term, given where you live. Maybe the pools in Red Deer have better hours? That can't be any further than driving to Renfrew or thornhill.

  7. I think I know what Nicole means. In another life when I used to do ballroom dancing, finishing the late class at 10 pm meant I did not sleep until midnite at the earliest! I was just too pumped with adrenaline or something to fall asleep soon after a workout.

  8. Haha, just came back and read these comments. Yep, I am obviously stalking your blog. And like Nicole said, I just don't sleep. ;)


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