Saturday, July 30, 2011

What were you expecting? A Princess Bride reference?

It's the long weekend, and it's perfectly amazing weather. No, really, it's amazingly perfect. I'm sure you're expecting my blog to be about a 100+K ride, followed by a long run, all of which went just perfectly. Then again, some of you know me better than that.

About the most ambitious thing I did today was sample some cookies (I take my QA duties seriously!), BBQ some bison burgers, and cruise various websites for winter vacation ideas. So far I've looked at Turks and Caicos, and Grand Cayman. Linda has looked at Bermuda. I've quickly recycled the Maui stuff I got from a bike camp last year. I've also got the Bahamas and St. Lucia on my list. Anybody got any experience with them? The idea is to go somewhere warm for a week or 10 days when it's likely to be cold here. Yes, we know this is a step towards geezer-dom.

If I'd been in serious training I would have gone for a run or a bike ride today. Yes, you can depend upon it. Let me think about that work life balance thing. The same applies to training. There is more to life than just getting out for a bike ride to train to do that bike ride faster.

Last Thursday was a nice run in the evening down into Fish Creek and back. Mostly easy, with some faster bits, working on stride and posture. There have been some twinges I'm a little nervous about so I don't mind taking it easy today.

Tomorrow will be volunteering at T2 for the 70.3. That should be fun. The T shirt is way better, nice colour and all. The one I got the year I did my race was pathetic. Crappy cotton and a butt-ugly iron on sticker that looked like a refuge from a bad motorcycle convention. I might have to do it again just to get a better T shirt out of the deal.

The other thing today is mentally cheering on my buddy Shannon. About now he's half way through the Canadian Death Race. Hope it's going well for him. I made the mistake of looking at the course elevation map. It's on page 12 of the brochure, complete with cut off times, elevations, and much more, all in a dark brooding red. As the Newfies say, "Laird Tundering Jazus!". As an Ironman finisher I know a thing or two about endurace, and I know there is no conceivable (it's INCONCEIVABLE! and that word does mean what I think it means) plan that would get me through that in one piece. Holy crap. You go Shannon.

Monday is a statutory holiday here. Maybe I'll run or bike. Yeah, maybe.


  1. Excited to hear how T2 volunteering goes!! And best of luck to Shannon with the Death Race. That name scares me.

  2. I haven't been to any of those places you named but they all sound good to me.

    It's good to not be in serious training. Tasting cookies is much better.


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